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  • Since 2014, GitHub’s annual State of the Octoverse report has tracked various developer trends.
  • That includes the top 10 programming languages each year, which, in 2020, included Java, Python, and C.
  • JavaScript continued to dominate as the most used programming language for six years in a row.
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2020 was an extraordinary year that changed the way many developers work, according to GitHub’s annual State of the Octoverse report.

Since GitHub was founded in 2008 and acquired by Microsoft in 2018, it has become the largest host of source code in the world, connecting more than 56 million developers across the globe. Its scale allows it to track various trends, including an annual ranking of the top programming languages, which it calculates based on the number of contributions to repositories in a given language, as well as new repositories created.

Despite 2020’s many job-related changes, developers maintained a few preferences over the course of the year, with the top three languages maintaining their rankings. There were a few shifts, however, with C bumping up, PHP falling down, and TypeScript receiving the biggest surge in popularity as it jumped from seventh to fourth place in the ranking.

Meanwhile, GitHub’s report also found that non-work open source activity jumped on the weekends at higher levels than in 2019, which could indicate that users were increasingly focusing on passion products in their free time.

According to GitHub, here are the top programming languages, as well as how they’re used. 

(Disclosure: The author’s mother is currently employed at Microsoft, working on the company’s open source initiatives.)

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