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As software developer jobs keep growing rapidly, the ones in Java development remain some of the most satisfying careers in the field, earning employees a median salary of $90,830 in 2021, according to Glassdoor. 

But what makes Java different from other coding languages, like Python or (somewhat confusingly) JavaScript? Simply put, Java is most often used to code Android apps and back-end development projects (i.e. parts of the software that users cannot see) that span from laptops to supercomputers. Because Java has officially been around since 1996, it has been refined and developed to make it a high-performing, object-oriented coding language that’s in high demand. 

Whether you’re completely new to computer science or have some prior coding or programming experience, there are online courses that can provide you with a free, thorough overview or an affordable professional certificate to add to your LinkedIn or resume.

9 online courses and programs to learn Java:

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