C++ is a high level programming language.

Some people call it a “mid-level language” because while it uses high-level syntax, it can drop down directly into assembly if the user wants to (tip: this is rarely done).

But I understand what you’re asking:

Is it possible to create an easier high-level programming language than C++ for AAA video game development?

The answer is yes, but it’s not that simple.

C++ has a long legacy in video game development. It’s been the de facto game development language for decades. There’s good reason for this, and many game developers have used it exclusively for that period.

As a result, an entire ecosystem of game development tools and libraries have sprung up around it, and are committed to C++ development exclusively. Yes, there are ways to leverage them from other languages, but it’s an additional hassle: you have to write your game code and then a transport layer or wrapper to use everything else that’s in C++. Most developers figure why not avoid the middleware and write the code in C++ to start with?

Creating a new, easier language than C++ that compiles to machine language like C++ is possible. It wouldn’t be easy, either. But coming up with that language is just the first battle. Then you have to fight adoption.

Many people won’t change just for easier syntax. After all, by now, most game developers are used to C++ and don’t find it awkward to use. And some find some measure of pride that they can wrangle the C++ beast.

This developer is a badass because he can tame the C++ beast

You’ll have to find a convincing argument of why the new language is better. “It’s easier” isn’t a compelling argument for most. And then you have to find some way to leverage that huge, existing ecosystem of C++ exclusive tools, libraries and engines.

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