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Python is an object-oriented high-level coding language. It currently holds a leading position among programming languages. Over the past few years, there has been increasing demand for Python in the software development sphere. It is considered the fastest-growing coding language. But how long is it going to last? In this article, we will define its pros and cons and the reasons for its popularity. We will also try to forecast the future of python development.

Is Python the Future of Web Application Development?

Benefits of Python

First, let’s look at the things that contribute to Python’s popularity. 


Python is an open-source language that is absolutely free to use. Anyone on the Internet can write codes with it. Even a company or programmers on a budget can access it. The codes are also open-source and may be used publicly on the Internet.

Suitable for both back-end and front-end development

It is a general-purpose language that supports both the front-end and back-end. Though Python is more suitable for the back-end, its frameworks like Django are actively employed for both front-end and back-end development for many projects. Hiring reliable Python developers will save you time and effort in completing your project.

Cross-platform language

Another substantial benefit of Python is its suitability for cross-platform software development. You can write codes that will seamlessly run on any operating system. Another advantage is that it can be easily interpreted using a special feature. You write the code once and apply it to any number of operating systems.

Supportive community

For everybody who deals with programming, writing code with no bugs is a challenge. Most programming languages lack support, but not Python. It has a global support system for developers, and its community is huge, active, and reliable. Even if you are a beginner, you can get ample support resolving your code issues. Building a project with Python becomes a piece of cake with such a community.

Library support

The online community is not the only place where you can find help. Developers can also look for the answers to their questions in the extensive libraries. Python has libraries for anything—OS interfaces, web service tools, statistics, and more. It is easy to add functionality to your web applications using them. Apps built with Python employ various plugins, so you don’t need to create a code from scratch. The libraries of Python can also scale applications. It saves much time as the code is reusable for the next applications. 

Less code

It is easy to use and write codes if compared with other programming languages. Python is suitable for a wide variety of applications from game to web and is exceptionally convenient for beginners. Its syntax is easy and understandable without strict rules. That is why the statistics show that Python is the most desired language for software development.

Cutting-edge technologies

Another substantial advantage of Python is the top-notch technologies it offers. They include Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, etc. All these technologies are forecasted to achieve great success in the future. It ensures that the future of python programming has lots of potential from many perspectives.

Flaws of Python

Not that we know the advantages of python for web development, let’s get acquainted with its weaknesses.

Python still has some things to work on in the future. They include:

  • speed
  • compatibility with native environments
  • runtime errors
  • browser integrations

These things can cause problems while writing code in Python. But the benefits more than outweigh the weaknesses and make Python one of the most popular programming languages. 

Huge companies using Python for web development

The benefits of Python make everyone excited and willing to apply it for the next development project. If that’s not convincing enough, look at the following part.

Python offers numerous opportunities for companies of any size. Using Python helped these giants grow and become successful in their niche. Here are just a few examples of such companies. 


YouTube is created in Python. This is strong evidence that Python is an excellent choice for software development.


This social network actively uses the Django framework – one of the most popular frameworks of Python.


This amazing video streaming platform offers suggestions to the users all the time. It is possible because it is made in Python.


Almost ¼ of the Facebook code is written in Python. 

Is Python the future of web development?

Python currently tops the list of programming languages for many reasons, including being the best opportunity for beginners and offering many great and helpful features for experienced developers. Thanks to its cutting-edge technologies like AI, robust support, and extensive libraries, Python’s future looks very bright.

We fully-expect this programming language to not only hold its leading position in the market but to continue to grow in the future. Many developers say that it could even reach the level of C.

Concluding Note

The future of python in 2021 is very promising. It will remain in the leading position among the other coding languages. So if you are considering learning it or using it for your software development project, this is a fantastic choice. We hope our article gave you more insight into the specifics of this programming language and its future perspectives.

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