Top 10 programming languages companies are hiring for in 2021 – Business Insider

  • Coding Dojo annually scans Indeed to review the top programming languages based on job postings.
  • The report spanned 524,149 global job postings that required knowledge of a specific language.
  • Some of the top languages include Python, SQL and Java.
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If you want to get a tech job right now, it could help if you know Python, according to computer science bootcamp Coding Dojo.

2020 was an extraordinary year that changed the way many companies hire employees, with many expanding their model to allow employees to work remotely long-term. However, the new report from Coding Dojo found that demand for skills in every programming language dropped amid the pandemic, perhaps due to the slowdown in hiring that some companies implemented to help manage the uncertainty. 

Coding Dojo performed its analysis on January 11th of this year, using the regular filter on job site Indeed that defaults to all job postings. Since posts that are 30 days or older are regularly taken down from Indeed, this data focuses on listings from late December to early January.

The research spanned the globe covering 22 total languages, which resulted in a total count of 524,149 job postings. The focus of the research was on any posting that required knowledge of a specific language, regardless of the job title or industry.

Here are the top 10 programming languages companies are hiring for in 2021, according to Coding Dojo:

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