CHZ Technologies to Model Thermolyzer Waste-to-Energy Technology Through Agreement With NREL – PRNewswire

NREL’s Computational Science Center will perform computational modeling of the reactor using high performance computing, which is essential to understand the physico-chemical interactions and to derive the best operating conditions for maximum efficiency. These results will be coupled to experimental data to validate the plastic pyrolysis mechanism and models. Then the models will be used to finalize geometry and settings for a larger-scale reactor.

CHZ Technologies:

CHZ Technologies, LLC, based in Austintown, Ohio, was established in 2014 with the purpose of creating an innovative, unique multistage thermal process through its patented Thermolyzer™ technology. Thermolyzer converts all hydrocarbon-containing materials into a renewable ultra-clean synthesis gas and clean, salable byproducts. The renewable syngas can be used to generate electricity or steam heat in appropriately designed gas turbines, internal combustion engines and boilers.

SOURCE CHZ Technologies LLC

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