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The United States Space Force’s cyber Guardians were trained in more than just their original Air Force Specialty Codes. These warriors are leading the forefront in the cyber warfare domain as they were trained to develop software and code.

Out of 400 people, 25 members were selected to attend the “Supra Coders” course and five of those chosen are assigned to Space Delta 4.

“The course is open to all affiliates of the Air Force and Space Force, regardless of rank or status. To be selected you must take a coding assessment. Twenty-four to thirty of the top scorers will be selected for the program.” said Staff Sgt. Andrew Rohn, a RF transmission systems crew chief.

The extensive course covered a variety of programming languages, which provided our cyber warriors with an adaptable skill set created for modern technology. The course is three-months long, high-paced, and remotely learned.

“The program is a rapid learning environment where we learned Javascript, ReactJS framework, ExpressJS, Java, and Java Spring-Boot,” said Capt. Scott Hubert, a deputy director assigned to the 2d Space Warning Squadron. “These languages and tools allow us to build an application from the ground up using modern technology that can be deployed to nearly any platform.”

Allowing our Space Force Guardians to partake in this course raises the capabilities and further develops their digital workspace expertise.
“It was an awesome experience because we are all learning and working to improve ourselves to serve the same overarching mission.” said Senior Airman Emily Hosoya, a data system operator assigned to the 4th SWS.
After partaking in the course, each member completed a three-month internship with product teams to learn and further develop their software and security skills.

“This program demonstrates how the Space Force is trying to improve its technological capabilities from within, starting with its own members,” said Hosoya. “There is potential for more opportunities for Space Force members to contribute directly to software development as part of our job, so that is an exciting indicator for how the Space Force will operate in the future.”

These are just the first steps being taken to create an innovative and lean Space Force. These Guardians are the backbone for future generations to come for all of the Space Force.

Congratulations to our newest Supra Coders!
Senior Airman Emily Hosoya
Capt. Scott Hubert
Staff Sgt. Caden Reynolds
Staff Sgt. Andrew Rohn
1st Lt. Samuel Zemlicka
*For security reasons, some units are not included.

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