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The PHP language remains one of the most popular choices for web development in 2021. It is the go-to solution for content management systems, E-commerce websites, CRMs and much more. And with the latest features added in PHP 7 and 8, it is ready to compete with JavaScript in the area of modern app development as well. With all that, more PHP developers than ever are needed. How to find them?

Did you know that PHP is used by nearly 80 percent of all websites? According to data from W3Techs, exactly 79,1% of all sites they were able to confirm is based on the PHP language. In the current COVID-driven economy and the resulting push for further digitation, PHP developers are highly sought-after. But finding the good ones is not all that easy.

Why is finding good PHP developers difficult?

In the employee’s market, which PHP development definitely is, the most skilled PHP developers have the luxury of choosing exactly the kind of company they would like to work for. There are a couple factors they take into consideration. Money is one of them sure, but the other is the opportunity to work on interesting projects and grow as a developer. Not that many companies can offer that. And not that many have the money and time to invest in positioning themselves as such a company.

Supposed a company would want to try that anyway. How to go about it? Well, the methods can be divided into inbound (the more indirect approach) and outbound. 

Inbound methods

Inbound methods revolve around creating great content, which is supposed to attract the right kind of PHP developers to your company.

This may include strategies such as writing quality blog posts, SEO, refining your career page, presence on IT-specialized job portals, or even creating local and online PHP-themed events of your own.

Each of these methods has the potential to help you convey to the PHP crowd that your company is an exciting place for PHP developers to be.

Outbound methods

You should supplement these long-term efforts with a more direct approach, which may include attending PHP conferences with the explicit purpose of showcasing your company to PHP devs.

However, the most efficient way of reaching out to PHP developers is with Direct Search online. Social media sites for professionals such as LinkedIn are your best bet. They offer premium tools for HR specialists to fine-tune your search and find just the right type of people.

There are a lot more inbound and outbound methods. Check out this article to get even more insights for finding PHP developers.

Outsourcing PHP development

As you might have noticed, these methods take a considerable amount of time. Not every company has the time and money to attract PHP developers like this. A lot of them simply do not specialize in PHP to that extent and trying to communicate something different doesn’t seem right to them. 

For companies like this, PHP development outsourcing is something worth considering. It’s a way to get PHP developers quickly, even on demand. Of course, the issue of verifying their quality and the process of finding the right outsourcing provider needs to be considered. But this is a topic for another story.

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